Country: Ukraine

Genre: Folk/ Metal/New Age

Members: Jurgis - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion/Maha Shakti -Vocals, Keyboards/Viktor Vrajendra - Vocals (additional)/Roman Kucherenko - Bass


Brahma Full-length 2017

Vidya Full-length 2017

Sanatana is a conceptual project created by Jurgis and his wife in 2016. Their friends and like-minded persons inspired by Vedic ideology and ancient culture also taking part in it.

Musical range is very wide: it’s metal, ethnic, Vedic-ethnic and news-age. Such specter gives an opportunity to express the whole mood and significance that pawned in Sanatana project.

Live and authentic instruments from various ancient cultures were used for the record adding inscrutability and charm to the music. Sounds of mantras and prayers (in ancient language Sanskrit from Upanishads and other Vedic writings) are also spellbinding. These mantras and prayers performed by Vedic tradition priests.

Project members support and follow the simple spirit values, stated in Vedic doctrine: Yoga, vegetarianism, healthy lifestyle, strong family, love to God and harmony with Universe. Such world outlook finds expression in Sanatana’s art, inviting all participants to a House, where everyone can live.

Sanatana isn’t only a musical project. It ready for experiments in other spheres: poetry, literature, theater, cinema, performance or art. Combine any art directions for self express and maximum self-actualization. Original synthesis of music and ancient learning is a good example of eclecticism and synergy interpenetration of modern culture and ancient East heritage.

With the listeners, Sanatana project intend to touch the eternal mysteries of the Universe, hidden in music, talent and spontaneous art.