Oct 3 2017

Published by: Jurgis

We are proud to inform all our partners and followers that the management office of Rising Moon Production SL during the annual strategic meeting decides to focus the company activities as follow:


Booking Agents Services:

We have decided to stop all our activities involved in booking and in management of European tour for bands.

All our roster bands are immediately free to book directly shows and search another booking agent.


Ragnard Rock Fest:

The July terrible event concerning the cancellation the 3rd edition of RRF pushes our company in critical cash flow situation.

After two month, we have forced to decide that we cannot rest in the future, the production company for this event.

We will put all our resources and energy to a long and hard legal battle, for our honor and of course put the responsibility of this crash in front of people involved in this situation.

The management of RMP SL decides to accept offer of Eastern European company to restart RRF in other version and strategy by themselves. For us it was a very sad decision, but it was the only possibly way for the future of RRF.


Rising Moon Production will concentrate activity to manage and produce events and cultural project out of metal sphere only.