Nytt Land

Country: Russia

Genre: nordic ritual ambient folk

Members: : Anatoly Pahalenko (taglharpa, vocal, flute, guitar, programming samples) Natalya Pahalenko (vocal, lyra, keyboards, frame-drum) Vladimir Titkov (flutes, jew-harp) Sergey Silitcky (jew-harp, horn) Stanislav Mandrygin (drums)


The “Nytt Land” band was founded in 2013 by Natalia and Anatoly Pahalenko.
Having behind a rich musical experience we are working on the study and popularization of musical traditions and epic of Northern Europe. In our works, we basically use only authentic traditional musical instruments of the Viking Age, and also the original Old Norse texts. Anatoly and Natalia have historical education – Omsk State Pedagogical University.
In 2014 at the Moscow label Sulphur Flowers was released debut experimental album of the band – called Nytt Land, which gave the name to the project.
In 2015, the French label Crush the Desert was released a full album Hávamál, entirely dedicated to the biggest song of the epic Norse Elder Edda.
In early 2016 the band released the third album – Sköpun. The basis of the album by tradition – the original Old Norse epic songs – Elder Edda. The album was first presented at a joint concert with the legendary Norwegian band “Wardruna” in Moscow.
The band is currently working on new material, being in a constant creative experiment. Release of the next album is scheduled for spring 2017.
In winter 2016 planned release of the single called – The Last War.