About us



Rising Moon Production is a booking agency based in Spain and operating all over Europe. We operate in music event management, artist promotion and distribution.

We are passionate about different kinds of traditional culture and focused on musicians whose artistic expression moves in the direction of revival of the ancient heritage. Our range of interests includes folk, pagan, atmospheric, black metal, ambient, medieval, ethnic music but not only.


Rising Moon Production was during 3 years the producer of the Ragnard Rock Festival, and as such promotes its band during this event. We also create different events such as Nox Inferna, or the Ragnard Winter Nights throughout the year.


Rising Moon Production organizes its own tours all over the Schengen area (in 2016, we had tours for the following bands : Trobar de Morte, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Khors, Selvans, Enisum, Primordial, etc.).


Rising Moon Production has a lot of contacts in the metal and traditional musical scene, such as different festival (Kilkim Zaibu, Hellfast, Iberian Warriors, North of the Wall, etc.), and created the Pagan Alliance allowing festivals from different countries to ally and promote each others, and work together.


Rising Moon Production has a huge network, with promotional partners and promoters around Europe.